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One moment, please - Best Torrent Sites for Games

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Read more: The amazing spider man. Version: v 1. Read more: Mafia 2. Read more: Assassin's Creed 2 Deluxe Edition. Read more: Mafia 3. Read more: Fallout 3. Read more: Mafia. Read more: Viva Project. Version: Full Last Release. Up to four players build and run a restaurant from scratch, choosing dishes, buying and placing appliances — some of which can be daisy-chained together to create ambitious automatic kitchens — cooking food and …. And The Dead were made flesh and dwelt among us.

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You should use a good antivirus and a solid VPN whenever you fire up your favorite BitTorrent client. Torrenting is one of the most convenient and reliable ways to download games. However, torrent sites are unstable at best nowadays.

Some are completely shut down, some are hanging by a thread. The Pirate Bay , for example, continues to jump from one mirror to the next. It all makes good gaming torrents very challenging to find — unless you know where to look. Shady torrents can expose you to malware, hacks, legal fines, and much more. Some countries have also declared torrenting illegal. When it comes to reliable antivirus software, Bitdefender will fight off any malware without overtaxing your system.

These are our top torrent sites for downloading games. They all have their distinct advantages and shortcomings. Read more about them below. Website: FitGirl Repacks. As the name suggests, FitGirl Repacks is an impressive collection of repacks. All titles are heavily compressed , ensuring quicker and easier downloads. However, the compression makes the installation process much longer : some titles can take hours to install. You should always check the contents of the repack before you download it.

The site we linked to here is the only official address for FitGirl Repacks. In the past, this domain has been a frequent victim of DDoS attacks , resulting in significant downtime. Working mirror website: The Pirate Bay. With almost 20 years under its belt , The Pirate Bay is one of the most resilient torrent sites out there. The Pirate Bay is a search-based platform , but you can also browse titles by category.

All major uploaders have their torrents on The Pirate Bay. With over 5 million registered users , The Pirate Bay unfortunately also has its share of malicious uploaders. Therefore, you should only download torrents from trusted providers with a green skull.

You can expect MBps downloads thanks to over million seeders. Since , authorities have constantly been trying to shut down The Pirate Bay.

Website: X. A few years ago, X got a complete makeover. It went from a clunky website with security issues to a safe and seamless torrenting hub. It also became one of the most heavily moderated torrenting sites out there.

Some of the most renowned uploaders, including FitGirl , have their files here. Stray Free Download v1. Hard West 2 Free Download. The Mortuary Assistant Free Download. Please support us by disabling Adblock and refresh page, thank you.



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